Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food and Animal Double-Takes

If you have followed my blog the past 9 months, than it is no news to you that my favorite blog topics are the bizarre and ironic.  The unusual.  The things that you don't normally see and cause you to do a double-take.  Luckily, I nearly always have my Ipod on hand to capture such moments and then share then with you.  Here are a few more of those pictures.

Animal/Food: The ground between animal and food doesn't really exist in Asia.  Personally, there are a few animals that I would rather not convert to energy, but you do what you have to do.  This is the common bowl of noodles I'm served while working with a few Chinese churches here in the city.  This bowl had no fewer than 5 baby squids in it.  I love working with these people though.  They are wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ that are excited about seeing the Gospel shared throughout their people.

Animal (or I guess insect): I had this sighting while on my visit to Raleigh, NC.  It just made me wonder how big bugs get in North Carolina...

Food:  Finally!!!  An honest advertisement...well partially.  The part they didn't include is that you are also crazy if you buy them, because they were already molding. 

Animal: ...I don't think this picture needs clarification.  This lady is walking her bird in the park!

Food:  This is just plain awesome!  Do you guys have these near you yet?  You pick your drink on this touch screen, then you choose from like 8 different flavors you can put in it (lemon, lime, cherry, strawberry, orange, raspberry, etc).  I got kind of excited about it...

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's My Pleasure

Hey readers...if there are any of you still following.  I will try and start writing again.  The past month has been really crazy as we hosted over 350 college students in three weeks.

A week and a half ago I traveled down South for my buddy Mason's wedding.  I flew into Raleigh, North Carolina on the way to see my girlfriend Marilyn and meet her family.  I arrived on a beautiful Carolina day. and was taken to a very special place soon after landing...

Chick Fil-A!  But this was no ordinary Chick Fil-A (as if the "normal" Chick Fil-A isn't wonderful enough), no, this was the World's only two story Chick Fil-A!  It had some pretty sweet amenities.

Like the second story outdoor patio,

the magical elevator that carries food to the second floor,  (you don't even have to wait downstairs for your food, it comes to you...)

the AstroTurf lawn outfitted with corn-hole, 

and the conveyor belt that carries food out to the drive thru windows.  I love NYC...but it could really use a Chick-Fil-A.

Thank you so much for taking me here Marilyn!  It was a great surprise and great way to start the weekend!  I miss you...(you Marilyn, not Chick-Fil-A...well actually both, but you more :))